Aluminium Camlock Couplers with Brass Handles

Aluminium cam lock fittings (also known as kamloks) allow you to quickly connect and disconnect your hose in a variety of applications, including water, petroleum and chemical transfer. Lightweight and secure, these premium quality aluminium camlock couplers feature brass handles that fold down into position to complete a tight join. On our online store, you will find Male BSPT, Hose Tail, Female BSP end fittings, and protective dust caps.

Part C - Female Coupler by Hose Tail - The

Part C

Female Coupler by Hose Tail - The 'C' type camlock has a female camlock on one end and a male hose tail on the other. The female camlock end will accept any male camlock adaptor and the hose tail is inserted inside any hose of the correct size and secured with a heavy duty stainless steel bolt clamp. Available in sizes 3/4" through 4", Precisely manufactured for accurate fit, No tools needed, Working pressure up to 10 bar.

Product Number DIN Size Unit Price Quantity
075C-AL 19 3/4" £2.70
100C-AL 25 1" £2.92
125C-AL 32 1 1/4" £4.29
150C-AL 38 1 1/2" £4.70
200C-AL 50 2" £5.71
250C-AL 63 2 1/2" £6.80
300C-AL 75 3" £9.12
400C-AL 100 4" £12.38