Stainless Steel 316 Camlock Couplings

As with all of our hose coupling types, this range of Stainless camlock fittings enable you to connect and disconnect your hosing quickly and easily. Manufactured to close tolerance in 316 grade stainless steel, this leading class of products represent the best in production at an economical price. The arms fold down into position for a secure join, and are available with Male BSPT Thread, Female BSP Thread, Hose Tail, Dust Cap and Dust Plug. See below for our selection of sizes or contact us to discuss the range of camlocks and adaptors.

Part E - Male Adaptor by Hose Tail - The

Part E

Male Adaptor by Hose Tail - The 'E' type camlock has a male camlock on one end and a male hose tail on the other. The male camlock end will accept any female camlock adaptor and the hose tail is inserted inside any hose of the correct size and secured with a heavy duty all stainless steel bolt clamp.

Product Number DIN Size Unit Price Quantity
075E-SS 19 3/4" £2.49
100E-SS 25 1" £3.83
125E-SS 19 3/4" £5.52
150E-SS 38 1 1/2" £6.89
200E-SS 50 2" £11.83
250E-SS 63 2 1/2" £14.96
300E-SS 75 3" £22.93
400E-SS 100 4" £38.56